Old Antique Vintage

Rare Old ANTIQUE COOKBOOK 1877 Vintage Cookery Victorian Home Family Medical

Rare Old ANTIQUE COOKBOOK 1877 Vintage Cookery Victorian Home Family Medical
Rare Old ANTIQUE COOKBOOK 1877 Vintage Cookery Victorian Home Family Medical

Rare Old ANTIQUE COOKBOOK 1877 Vintage Cookery Victorian Home Family Medical

Note: Many of my clients are expert chefs and food service professionals, homemakers, and aspiring Chopped Champions seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of cuisine. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. In this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents Below): Our Home Counselor Antique Cookbook Victorian Cookery Vintage Recipes Receipts Cook Book How-To Practical Instruction Domestic Advice Guide Manual Reference Household Housewife Housekeeper House Keeping Pickling Fruits Vegetables Preserving Canning Bread Making Cakes Cookies Donuts Puddings Meats Curing Smoking Meat Wine Beer Soda Fountain Ice Cream Medical Home Doctor First Aid Veterinary Medicine Trapping Tanning Hides Dyeing Candle Making Personal Grooming Beauty Hair Toilet Perfume Perfumery Cakes Cake Making Cookies Doughnuts Waffles Biscuits Rolls Sausage Making Curing Hams Jam Jellies.

OUR HOME COUNSELOR, A Practical Cyclopedia for Daily Use, Containing Reliable Recipes, Etc. Published in 1877 by J. S Publishing House, Chicago, Illinois. Exterior as shown in photo, with light wear, bumping at spine ends. Text is clean and complete. Owner name and address on inside front cover. Kitchen stain on title page and prelim. No torn, loose or missing pages. This is a Victorian treasury of cooking, household and medical recipes compiled by L. In the Preface, Yaggy proclaims. The recipes, which number over seven hundred, treat every variety of subjects, and are distinguished for their clearness, reliability and usefulness. So valuable are most of them, that the benefits arising from a single recipe will very often repay many times the cost of the book. Not only are the Recipes truly meritorious, but we have, while considering the various Departments of the book, endeavored to throw out such hints and suggestions as cannot fail to benefit everyone that will heed them. The book also reflects the author's dry sense of humor. For example, he kicks off the "Medical Department" with "12 Ways of Committing Suicide, " among which we find Number Two: Leading a life of unfeeling, stupid laziness, and keeping the mind in an unnatural state of excitement by reading trashy novels.

A great collection of cooking recipes, household receipts, and medicinal cures, along with a healthy dose of plain talk from the author. Who could ask for more? PICKLING AND PRESERVING: General Rules and Directions for Preserving Patent Yeast Pickling Cherries Pickle Chow Chow Pickling Tomatoes Pickling Siberian Crab Apples Ripe Pickled Cucumbers Pickling Apples Pickling Plunms Pickling Cabbage How to Pickle Mushrooms Another mode of pickling cucumbers Sour-Krout How to Pickle Capers Pickled Cucumbers Sweet Pickled Peaches How to Preserve Eggs How to Pickle Apples How to Pickle Peaches How to Pickle Plums Pickled Green Cucumbers How to Pickle Onions How to can Peaches How to can Tomatoes Pickled Beets.

Fried Bread Waffles Graham Biscuit French Rolls Pan Cakes Johnny Cake Graham Bread Jumbles Indian Bread Breakfast Corn Cake Light Bread Dry Yeast Marble Cake Sweet Fried Cakes Lemon Cake A Good Seed Cake Philadelphia Cake Spanish Puffs Cream Muffins Muffins. CAKES, COOKIES, DOUGHNUTS: Superior Sponge Cake Frosting Raised Luncheon Cake Washington Cake Sponge Cake White Mountain Jelly Cake Cream Jell Cake Italian Sponge Cake Bun Cake Fruit Cake Delicate Cake Boston Cup Cake Sponge Cake Ginger Cake Cocoanut Cake Gold Cake Cup Cake Silver Cake Plain Cookies Rich Loaf Cake Rich Cookies Cookies Raised Doughnuts Apple Fried Cakes Fried Cakes Plain Crullers Rich Crullers Cocoanut Cake Crullers. PUDDINGS: Bread Pudding Sweet Sauce for Puddings Common Plum Pudding Another Plum Pudding Unrivaled Plum Pudding Lemon Pudding Arrowroot Pudding Amber Pudding Queen of Puddings.

MEATS: Rich Mince Meat How to Broil How to Fry Meats How to Roast a Duck How to Broil a Fowl How to Fry Chickens How to Regulate Time in Cookery - Mutton, Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Venison General Rules for Meat Meat - Boiled Pork Sausages Beef Sausage Bologna Sausage How to Cure Hams Roast Meat Another Dressing for Turkey Boiled Turkey A Christmas Dinner How to Roast a Turkey Family Mince Pie Paste for Chicken Pie Pie Crust Puff Paste Beefsteak Pie Raised Lamb Pie Omelet Air Castle Pie Raised Pork Pie Rabbit Pie. SMOKING AND CURING MEAT: How to cure hams How to keep smoked hams How to Cure Hams #2 How to Pickle Mutton for Drying. PRESERVING AND CANNING: Green Peas a la Francaise Fruit Cake Paste for Tarts How to cook White Beans Boiled Turnips Green Peas Tomatoes Stewed Tomatoes Camphor Ice Fruit Canning For Canning Berries, Plums, Cherries, &c How to can Pine Apples How to can Vegetables Fruit Drying How to protect Dried Fruits from Worms How to keep Grapes How to tell Good Eggs Cherry Cordial Raspberry Tart with Cream Cranberry Jelly Calf's Feet Jelly Apple Jelly Lemon Jelly of Cooper's Isinglass Grape Jelly How to make Rhubarb Jelly How to make Currant Jelly Siberian Crab Apple Jelly Sweet Corn Asparagus String Beans Boiled Cabbage Cold Slaw Hot Slaw Black Fruit Greens Lettuce Turnips Squash Beets Parsnips Onions Cauliflowers Tomatoes Stewed Tomatoes Baked Tomato Sauce Tomato Catchup Tomato Preserves Potatoes.

How to make Cherry Wine How to make Currant Wine How to make Elderberry Wine How to make Grape Wine How to make Ginger Wine How to make Ginger Wine #2 How to make Apple Wine How to make Raspberry Wine How to make Unfermented Wine How to make Cottage Beer How to make Ginger Beer Beer - Hops How to make Philadelphia Beer How to make Root Beer How to make Root Beer #2 How to Cure Beer when Ropy How to make Tomato Beer How to make Brandy Bitters How to make Stomach Bitters How to make Vinegar Cider How to make German Vinegar How to make Raisin Vinegar How to make Gooseberry Vinegar How to make Cold Water Vinegar How to make Currant Vinegar How to make Italian Lemonade How to make Milk Lemonade How to make Portable Lemonade How to make Ginger Pop Pineapple-ade. SODA FOUNTAIN: Soda water without a Machine Soda Syrup, with or without Fountains Cream Soda - Using Cow's Cream for Fountains Ice Cream Cheap Ice Cream Another Cheap Ice Cream. MISCELLANEOUS: How to make Oyster Soup How to make Oyster Stew Oyster Fry How to Roast, Boil or Bake Oysters How to make Artificial Honey How to make Premium Honey How to make Cuba Honey Another Honey. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT: 12 Ways of Committing Suicide Rules for the Preservation of Health Bronchitis For hoarseness Cough mixture Cough syrup An excellent cough syrup Soothing cough mixture Cough tincture Brown's Bronchial Troches Boils Carbuncles Canker Cancer Remedy Cancer Remedy #2 Cancer (caustic) Cancer Remedy #3 Felons Liniment for old sores Gum liniment Dr. Raymond's liniment Enlarged tonsils Warts and corns How to remove warts For warts and corns Sure cure for corns Sure cure for warts Cure for a wen Bunions Artificial skin for burns, bruises, &c For burns and scalds Cholera, Dr.

Paine's treatment Cholera infantum Egyptian cure for Cholera India prescription for Cholera Cholera tincture Isthmus cholera mixture Colic bilious Wind colic Cure for Cramp in Stomach Cholera morbus For colic Scrofula Remedy for scrofula Longworth's remedy for scrofula Asthma Powder for asthma Several asthma remedies Dysentery For bloody flux and dysentery Diarrhea cordial Dyspepsia Anti-dyspeptic pills Chronic dyspepsia Lee's anti-bilious pills Brandreth's celebrated pills Liver and cathartic pills Common physic pills Liver complaints Liver powders Consumption Cough syrup Cough mixture For bronchitis Bleeding at the lungs For consumption Bleeding from the stomach Inflammation of the stomach Chronic form For dyspepsia and weak stomach For weak stomach Pills for dysentery Itch Lotion for the itch Chilblains or frost bite Treatment of corns Another for corns Hiccough Heart burn Indigestion Poisons, antidotes Snake Bites Corn extracting and bunions Liquid for curing corns Another for warts and corns Liniment for Rheumatism of the Joints Liniment for sprains, bruises, etc California Liniment Chilblains Healing ointment Balsam Salves Lip salve Balm of Gilead oil Harlem oil and Welch Mendicamentum For broken chilblains Rheumatic liniment Liniments for inflammatory quinsy or diphtheria Compound soap liniment Cajeput opodeldoc liniment Buckeye ointment Salve for old sores, ulcers and cancers Common healing salve Catarrh Catarrh snuff For catarrh Ulceration of the tonsils Gargle for sore throat Small pox Small Pox, to prevent pitting Scarlet Fever Sun Stroke. VETERINARY MEDICINES: Colic, Horse Bleeding for colic Splint Windgalls Worms, Horses Another for splints Bone Spavin Bots in horses Distemper Corns on horses Glanders in horses Scratches Warts on horses Bog, spavin and windgall ointment Sprain liniment Physic for horses Quick physic for horses Healing salve for horses Cough powder for horses Condition powder for horses.

TRAPPING AND TANNING: Trapping and Hunting Mink Trapping Muskrats Caught Trapping Wolves How to trap Skunks How to Tan Skins soft Tanning furs Another tanning process. HOUSEHOLD RECEIPTS: Engraving on gold or silver Varnish for harness Varnish amber Cabinet-maker's varnish Coach maker's Varnish Black Japan Varnish Colorless Varnish Varnish for glass Varnish - Glaze Coating sheet iron Oil Paste Blacking Liquid blacking Black varnish for straw hats Drying paints How to paint iron Silver plating by heat Silver plating Jewelry cleaning and polishing Scouring paste How to write in silver Whitewash equal to paint Cheap drab paint Black ink Frosting or Grinding Glass Etching on glass Hydroflouric Acid Engraving names on steel with acid Varnishes Linseed oil Varnish for tools Varnish for harness Cheap varnish Varnish for maps Waterproof varnish Mahogany varnish Cherry varnish Yellow varnish Ebony varnish Rosewood varnish Blue stain Oak shade for floors Furniture stain Leather stain Whitewashes, brilliant Uncle Sam's whitewash Improved whitewash Stucco Bedbug Poison Bedbug Poison #2 Bedbug Poison #3 Insects on trees Moths Fleas How to preserve Polished Iron from rust Waterproof for leather and cloth Hens eating eggs Lice on chickens Poodle Dogs Lice ointment Rat Exterminator Doherty's description For the old sly rat Rat poison, from Sir Humphrey Davy How to exterminate insects Blackberry wine Imitation of Madeira wine How to remove paint from garments How to remove black spots from woolen goods How to remove stains from silks How to remove stains from the hands How to remove paint How to take grease spots or stains out of clothing Cheap paint Grease spots removed Shampoo How to scour floors Neats-foot Oil How to purify lamp oil Wagon grease for lubricating axles Oil Paste Blacking Waterproof Paste Another blacking Starching Starch flour Starch glue Enamel for shirt bosoms Liquid bluing Starch polish Starch - Lustre Glycerine How to prevent flies from spotting pictures How to destroy lice on cattle How to prevent pens from corroding How to remove ink stains from linen How to remove ink from dress goods How to remove iron rust Liniment for paralysis Indian ink Another Indian ink Red Ink Red ink from Vermillion Green Writing Ink Yellow Ink Blue Ink Colorless of sympathetic ink Invisible Ink How to make French indelible ink Cements - Russian Fire and waterproof Japanese Sealing for mouths of bottles Aquarium Egg Cutlers Stick Cement Leather Roofing and Chimney Spaulding's Glue Liquid Glue Bank Bill Paste Common mucilages and pastes Glue Scrap Book Pastes Rosin Label mucilage General Remarks on Paints Fire Proof Whiting Waterproof Dr. Parry's Green Cheap Petroleum Milk Black Copying Ink Black Japan Parchment Washing Fluid How to take stains out of silver plate. DYEING: Hainie's Black Dye Cheap Black Dye Purple Dye Violet Dye Blue Dye Red Ruling Dye Dyeing Red Red Woolen Black Cotton Dye Bright Blue Dye Brown Dye Yellow Dye on Wool Orange Dye on Wool Coloring thread black Blue Dye for wool Blue Dye, Aniline Blue Dye - Chromo Blue Dye - Dark Blue Dye Blue Purple - Fast Color Blue and Purple Dye for Stocking Yarn Brown Dye for Wool Brown Dye - Direct Cheap Brown Dye How to remove stains from broadcloth How to raise the nap of cloth How to extract grease from cloth Dark Drab Dye Crimson Dye Orange Dye for wool Pink Dye for cotton Pink Dye for wool Purple Dye for wool Red Dye for cotton Red Dye for wool Scarlet Lac Dye for wool Scarlet dye for wool Slate dye for cotton or woolen Wine colored dye for wool Yellow dye for cotton. CANDLE-MAKING: How to make Tallow Candles How to make Imitation Wax Candles How to prepare Candle Wicks Another way to prepare Candle Wicks. MISCELLANEOUS TOILET: How to make Hair Oil How to make Shaving Soap How to make Windsor Soap What to do with Freckles Toothache and Neuralgia Coral Tooth Powder A Good Powder Tooth Powders Tooth Paste Hair Vigorators for Baldness French Restoratives and Vigorators How to remove Freckles Face Powder Pearl Powder Oil to make Hair Curl Razor Strap Paste Hair Dye For Sun Burn Lip Salve For Sore Eyes Eye Water Warts Hair Restorative Wood's Restorative Phalon's Restorative Cure for Sore Mouth Hair Dye Receipts. PERFUMERY: How to make Ambergris Perfume How to make Musk and Civet Perfumes How to make Orris Perfume How to make Violet Perfume How to make Rose Perfume How to make Bergamot Perfume How to Perfume Clothes Pastils for Perfuming Sick Rooms. Remember folks, this is an 1877 original.

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  • Place of Publication: Chicago
  • Language: English
  • Special Attributes: 1st Edition
  • Author: Yaggy
  • Region: North America
  • Publisher: J.
  • Topic: Basic, General Cooking
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Subject: Cooking
  • Character Family: NA
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Year Printed: 1877

Rare Old ANTIQUE COOKBOOK 1877 Vintage Cookery Victorian Home Family Medical