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1890 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery VICTORIAN RECIPES Pastry Confectionery OLD

1890 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery VICTORIAN RECIPES Pastry Confectionery OLD
1890 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery VICTORIAN RECIPES Pastry Confectionery OLD

1890 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery VICTORIAN RECIPES Pastry Confectionery OLD

Note: Many of my clients are expert chefs and food service professionals, homemakers, and aspiring Chopped Champions seeking detailed information about their preferred fields of cuisine. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. In this Book (Partial Only, See Full Contents Below): Cosmopolitan Cookbook Cookery Book Antique Cookbook Vintage Victorian Cookery Cook Cooking Chef Kitchen Cuisine Recipes Receipts Housewife Housekeeper Home Homemaker Food Recipe Book Kitchen Guide Instructions Baking Roasting Broiling Boiling Soup Fish Seafood Lobster Crabs Clams Terrapin Turtles Frogs Poultry Chicken Turkey Game Meats Beef Steak Pork Veal Mutton Ham Milk Cocoa Rice Farina Cocoanuts Jelly Jellies Ice Cream Water Ices Frozen Custard Colors Flavoring Maizena Corn Starch Eggs Omelets Tomatoes Cheese Hominy Potatoes Beans Peas Sauces Meats Pudding Pies Cake Pastry Fried Pastry Doughnuts Turnovers Waffles Gingerbread Indian Meal Mush Bread Biscuit Cakes Flour Corn Oat Oysters Desserts Preserves Marmalade Pickling Manioca Jelly Ice Creams Fruits Apples Apple Recipes Household Remedies Poultry Game Birds Ducks Venison Rabbit Lamb Mutton Veal Salads Fancy Beverages Alcohol Liquor Whiskey Spirits Gin Punch Rum Claret Cocktails Mint Julep Egg Nog. Condition: VERY, VERY RARE - VERY GOOD CONDITION.

Attractive exterior decorated with gilt as shown in photo. Text is clean and complete. No torn, loose or missing pages. An exceptional example of this very rare Victorian cookbook -- currently no other available anywhere else on the planet.

This is a wonderful antique cookbook brimming with old 19th-century recipes, both "economical" and "more costly and fancy, " drawn from a variety of ethnic culinary traditions. In this book, you will find more than 1,000 nineteenth-century food and beverage recipes. For your convenience, I have prepared a summary of those recipes below. The arrangement of categories may seem a bit haphazard at first. The publishers proceeded in this manner as a means of segregating the "economical recipes" from the fancy.

Thus you may see two categories for Fish, two for Meats, two for Cakes, two for Puddings, etc. Also, in some categories, they arranged the recipes according to the most prominent ingredient in them, which explains why some recipe categories have simplistic headings such as "Milk" and Rice. The COSMOPOLITAN COOK AND RECIPE BOOK is a rare find. MILK: Boiled Milk How to Preserve Milk Cocoa Milk Cocoa or Chocolate French Chocolate Rice Milk Coffee Milk Improved French Coffee Tea Milk Tea Suet Milk Bread and Milk Real Cream Cream Toast Mock Cream Milk Porridge Wheys Curds Plain Custard French Custard Condensed Milk Custard Fruit Custard Chocolate Custard.

RICE: Rice Water Rice Gruel Rice Boiled Rice for Children Rice Pudding Rice Boiled Whole Rice and Apples Rice Fritters. FARINA: Boiled Farina, Plain Ice Farina Pudding Boiled Plum Farina Pudding Baked Farina Pudding Wheaten Grits. COCOANUTS: Cocoanut Bread Pudding Plain Cocoanut Pudding and Pies Cocoanut and Corn Starch Pudding A Very Rich Pudding Rich Cocoanut Custard Cocoanut Pie Rich Cocoanut Pie Cocoanut Gingerbread Cocoanut Pound Cake Cocoanut Cake. JELLIES: Gelatine and Isinglass Plain Jelly Stock How to Clarify Plain Jelly Stock Lemon Jelly Orange Jelly French Jelly How to Make Twenty Kinds of Jelly.

ICE CREAMS, WATER ICES, FROZEN CUSTARDS: How to make Ice Cream Frozen Custards Water Ices Fruit Creams, Ices and Custards Spice Creams, Etc Essence Creams, Etc How to Color How to Color Red How to Color Purple How to Color Yellow How to Color White How to Color Pink How to Color Brown How to Flavor with Strawberries How to Flavor Raspberry How to Flavor Blackberry How to Flavor Whortleberry How to Flavor Gooseberry How to Flavor Red Currant How to Flavor Pine Apple Doherty's description How to Flavor Apple How to Flavor Pear How to Flavor Quince How to Flavor Peach How to Flavor Cherry How to Flavor Grape How to Flavor Orange How to Flavor Lemon How to Flavor Ginger How to Flavor Nutmeg How to Flavor Cinnamon How to Flavor Vanilla How to Flavor Clove and Allspice Ice Cream Freezers Directions for Freezing Ice Cream. MAIZENA: Maizena Custard Maizena Blanc Mange Maizena Lemon Pudding Maizena Plain Pudding Maizena Baked Pudding Maizena Floating Island Cream Cake Sponge Cake. CORN STARCH: Thin Corn Starch Custard Muffled Cake Apple Souffle Cup Pudding Corn Starch Fruit Blanc Mange Coffee Corn Starch Corn Starch and Cocoanut Jelly Corn Starch Omelets Cake of Corn Starch General Recipes for Making Creams of Corn Starch General Recipe for Making Corn Starch Jellies General Recipe for Making Corn Starch Custards General Recipe for Making Corn Starch Puddings How to Color Corn Starch Creams, Custards, Jellies, Puddings and Sauces Corn Starch Sauces Corn Starch and Cocoanut Pies Milk or Cream in Corn Starch Condensed Milk Corn Starch Snow Corn Starch Charlotte Russe Cake. EGGS: How to Preserve Eggs How to Preserve Eggs with Mucilage How to Preserve Eggs with Mutton Fat How to Preserve Eggs with Lime Poached Eggs How to Bake Eggs How to Boil Eggs Dropped Eggs How to Fry Eggs Scrambled Eggs Fricassee Eggs Plain Omelet Herb, or Ham, or Meat Omelet. TOMATOES: Raw Tomatoes How to Stew Tomatoes Baked Whole Tomatoes Tomato Fritters Boiled Tomatoes Tomato Paste Tomato Leather Tomato Sauce Preserved Tomatoes Tomato Figs. CHEESE: Improved Welsh Rarebit Stewed Cheese Cheese Sandwich French Macaroni Cheese Custard and Macaroni Cheese Fingers Pastry Remakins Macaroni Macaroni and Fish Mock Crab, Sailor Fashion. SALT FISH: The Best Way to Soak Salt Fish How to Cook Fish Fish Sauce A Down East Fish Dinner Fish Balls Croquettes of Fish Fish Fritters Spiced Soused Fish Lobster Fish Oyster Fish Stewed Fish Fricaseed Fish English Baked Fish French Stew of Fish Parisian Style East India Style Italian Style.

HOMINY: Hominy Plain Boiled Hominy Fried Hominy Cakes Hominy Bread Hominy Muffins Samp Boiled Hominy Gruel Hominy Cakes. POTATOES: Steam Potatoes How to Boil Old Potatoes How to Boil New Potatoes How to Bake Potatoes Mashed Potatoes Browned Mashed Potatoes Potato Cakes Stewed Potatoes Baked Chopped Potatoes Fried Cold Potatoes Fried Raw Potatoes Potato Ribbons How to fry them Light or Swelled How to Broil Potatoes Potato Rissoles Potato Puffs Potatoes a la Maitre d'Hotel Stuffed Potatoes How to Brown Potatoes and Meat Hashed Potatoes Potato Souffles Potatoes a la Parisienne. BEANS AND PEAS: How to Improve Beans New England Baked Beans New York Baked Beans Dry Beans Boiled Pudding Dry Beans Baked Pudding Dry Beans Whole, French Style Beans Stewed Beans and Bacon, English Style Beans and Meat Beans a la Crème Bean Soup Succotash in Winter Succotash in Summer Green Peas in Winter Boiled Peas Green Peas in summer Boiled Pea Pudding Baked Peas Pea Pudding Pea Soup Winter Pea Soup.

SAUCES FOR MEATS: Mint Sauce Onion Sauce Butter Sauce Tomato Sauce Potato Sauce New England Egg Sauce Celery Sauce Egg Sauce Oyster Sauce Caper Sauce Maitre d'Hotel Sauce Salad Sauce. SAUCES FOR PUDDINGS, PIES AND CAKE: Custard Sauce for Tarts or Puddings Egg Sauce for Pudding Fruit Sauce Wine Sauce Dried Apple Sauce Cold Brandy Sauce for Puddings Cold Butter Sauce Orange Hard Sauce Banana Sauce Condensed Milk Hard Sauce Transparent Sauce Hot Milk Sauce Water Sauce Dried Fruit Sauce of any Kind. MEATS: Beef's Hearts Baked Stuffed Heart Boiled Stuffed Heart Stewed Heart Whole Sliced Stewed Heart Broiled Heart Heart Soup Corned Beef's Heart Beef's Heart Hash Beef's Heart Meat Pie Beef Tripe Tripe Fried Plain Tripe fried in Butter Tripe Broiled Tripe Baked Tripe Soused Tripe Stewed Plain Tripe Stewed with Onions Tripe Fricaseed Beef Palate To Prepare Beef Palates How to Stew Beef Palates How to Broil Beef Palates Fry of Beef Palates Palates au Friture Boiled Sheep's Trotters Sheep's Trotters Sheep's Head French Hogs' Heads and Feet Improved Hog's Head Cheese Hog's Head Soused Hog's Head Stuffed Hog's Head Baked Stew, Hog's Head, Haslet and Kidneys Pig's Cheek Boiled Corned Hog's Head. OX HEADS: Ox Cheek Cheese, American Style Ox Cheek Stewed, German Style Stew of Ox Cheek, French Style Ox Cheek Corned Ox Cheek Pies Animals' Brains How to Prepare Ox Brains How to Prepare Calves, Hogs and Sheeps' Brains Brains Boiled, French Style Brains and Tongue Mock Oysters, made of Brains Brains Fried, French Style Brains Baked Au Berre Noir Brains Boiled Brains Stewed in Wine Brains en Matelote Croquettes of Brains Brains a la Worcestershire Lights or Lungs How to Prepare Lights How to Fry Lights How to Stew Lights Kidneys and how to prepare Kidney Stews Stewed Beef Kidneys Rissoles of Kidneys Kidneys Fried Broiled Kidneys Baked Kidneys Kidneys Saute au Vin Kidney Gravy Roast Kidneys Haslets How to Fry Haslets How to Broil Haslets How to Stew Haslets Haslet and Milk Ox Heels How to Clean and Prepare Ox Heels Ox Heels Boiled Ox Heels Stewed Ox Heels Fried Ox Heel Soup Pig's Feet Pigs' Feet Stewed Pigs' Feet Fried Picked Pigs' Feet Pigs' Feet Broiled Pigs' Feet Fried in Batter Pigs Feet Fricaseed Pickled Pigs Feet How to Cook Pigs' Feet Thirty Other Ways Mock Brawn Pigs Pettitoes Pigs Feet with Onions Calves Heads and Feet Mock Turtle of Calf's Head Calf's Head Cheese Boiled Calf's Head Calf's Head Stewed Calf's Head a la Maitre d'Hotel Collar'd Calf's Head Fricasee of Calf's Head Hashed Calf's Head Lamb's Head and Pluck Liver How to Prepare Liver How to Broil Liver How to Fry Liver Liver and Bacon How to Bake Liver How to Saute Liver How to Stew Liver Liver a la Mode, French Hams, Shoulders and Bacon How to Prepare Smoked and Salt Hams, Shoulders and Bacon for Cooking How to Steam Ham, Shoulders and Bacon How to Boil Hams, Etc How to Bake a Ham, Etc How to Bake, Boil, Etc a Ham Ox Tail Soup Tongues Rolled Beef to Eat Like Hare Potted Ox Tongue Potted Beef like Venison Pressed Beef Boiled Marrow Bones, Served on toast Loin of Mutton to eat like Venison Shoulder of Mutton, spiced General Recipes for Cooking Meats, etc Soups Stews Roasting Boiling How to Broil Beef Steak, Veal Cutlets, Pork and Mutton Chops, Liver, Fowl and Game How to Fry Steaks, Chops, Cutlets, Fowl, Game, etc Semi-Frying, or Broiling in the Frying Pan Frying Covered Meats Cutlets, Steaks, Chops, Beef's Heart, Liver, Tripe, etc, with Tomatoes Hashes, entrees of Cold Meat How to Make Good Hashes Cold Meats Entrees of Cold Meats Forcemeats. VEGETABLES: Turnips Plain Boiled Turnips Mashed Turnips with Onions Fried Turnips Puree of Turnips How to Fry Carrots Carrots the Flemish Way How to Stew Carrots Mashed Carrots How to Stew Onions Brown Baked Onions Onions a la Crème How to Stuff Onions Celery with Milk Celery with Cream Celery Fried How to Stew Cucumbers To Stuff and Boil Cucumbers To Roast Cucumbers To Dress Cucumbers Cucumbers a la Poulette. BAKED AND BOILED PUDDINGS: Boiled Arrow Root Pudding Baked Arrow Root Pudding Boiled Sago Pudding Baked Sago Pudding Boiled Macaroni Pudding Boiled Vermicelli Pudding Baked Macaroni Pudding Baked Vermicelli Pudding Boiled Tapioca Pudding Baked Tapioca Pudding Boiled Condensed Milk Baked Condensed Milk Farina Pudding Spanish Pudding Pork Pudding. MAKING AND BAKING CAKES: Rock Cakes Strawberry Shortcake Snow Cake Chocolate Cakes Ginger Snaps Hunting Nuts Sponge Cake A Rich Pound Cake Lemon Cake A Rich Plum Cake A Delicate Cake Common Gingerbread Jelly Cake Silver or Bride's Cake White Cup Cake. PASTRY AND PIES: How to Clarify House Fat How to Make Hygienic Pie Crust Plain Pie Crust or Paste A French Puff Paste How to make other Pastes Sweet Apple Pie Sour Apple Pie Mock Green Apple Pie Mock Apple Pie Apple and Pie-Plant Pie Pie Plant Pie Pumpkin Pie Squash Pie Sweet Potato Pie Custard Pie Cherry Pie Raspberry Pie Blackberry Pie Whortleberry Pie Cranberry Pie Peach Pie Plum Pie Currant Pie Gooseberry Pie Minced Meats for Pies Imitation of Mince Pie. INDIAN MEAL, MUSH BREAD, BISCUIT CAKES, PUDDINGS, ETC: Indian Meal and Hog's-Head Cheese Meal and Broth Mush Cornmeal Mush Fried Mush Mrs.

Prudence's Corn Bread Mrs. Prudence's Brown Bread New England Brown Bread Soda Brown Bread Washington's Bread Mrs. Smith's Yeast Corn-Bread Togus Cornmeal Bread Mrs.

Prudence's Suet and Meal Bread Mush Bread Indian Meal and Wheat Flour Bread Wheat and Indian Bread Meal Johnny Bread Grandmother's Meal Bread Cornmeal Pone or Biscuit Neetmok Meal Blot's Meal Batter Biscuit Mother's Meal and Rye Biscuit Egg Meal Biscuit Indian Biscuit Mrs. Prudence's Meal Muffins Indian Meal Wafers Wheat and Corn Crumpets Meal's Fadge Meal Griddle Cakes All Kinds of Griddle Cakes Meal Drop Nuts Meal Omelets Meal Pound-Cake, Rich Molasses Meal Pound Cake Cornmeal Pudding without Eggs Meal, Fruit and Coffee Cake Indian Suet Pudding Baked Pudding English Baked Meal Pudding New England Pudding French Baked Indian Pudding Steamed Plum Pudding Boiled Corn Meal and Cheese Pudding Boiled Corn Meal and Pork Pudding Boiled Meal, Fruit and Pork Pudding Boiled meal and Dried Apple Pudding Meal and Apple Dowdy Freedman's Hoe-Cake. FLOUR, BREAD, ETC - WHEAT, RYE, BARLEY, CORN AND OAT FLOUR: How to make Excellent Yeast Bread, Rolls, Biscuit, Twists, etc How to Make Yeast Cakes How to Make Baker's Yeast Potato Yeast Hop Yeast How to Make Nice and Good Cream of Tartar and Soda Bread Yeast or Baking Powder How to make Good Corn Meal Yeast Bread or Biscuit Rye or Wheat Flour Yeast Bread Graham Flour Bread Graham and Flour Bread Potato Bread Rice Bread Bread without Yeast or Soda French Rolls Irish Rolls English Rolls Bakers Rolls Bakers Twists Velvet Biscuit Sponge Flour Biscuit Rye and Flour Tea Biscuit Breakfast Biscuit Milk Biscuit Sour Milk Biscuit Rye or Wheat Flour Crackers Rye or Wheat Flour Drop Cakes Graham Flour Mush Unleavened Bread Graham Gems Graham Diamonds Graham Biscuit Wheat Meal Crisps Oat Meal Mush Uses for Stale Bread. OYSTERS: How to feed oysters How to keep Oysters alive and good How to open oysters Raw Oysters Steamed Oysters, Washington style Roast Oysters in the shell Baked Oysters Boiled Oysters Broiled Oysters Fried Oysters Stewed Oysters Plain Stewed Oysters with Milk Stewed Oysters with Cream Stewed Oysters with Eggs Stewed Oysters with Wine, French style Boiled Oyster Chowder Baked Oyster Chowder Stuffed Oysters Minced Oysters Oyster Fritters, French Style Oysters in Marinade Indian Curried Oysters Oyster Fritters Oyster Meat Devilled Oysters Oyster Omelets Plain Oyster Patties Oyster Pie Pickled Oysters Scalloped Oysters Scalloped Oysters, French Style Oyster Catsup Oyster Cracker Salad Fish Chowder. LOBSTERS: How to choose Lobsters How to boil a Lobster Plain boiled Lobster How to dress lobsters Lobster Salad Scalloped Lobster English way to Scallop Lobsters Broiled Lobster Buttered Lobster How to Stew Lobsters Miroton of Lobster French Curry of Lobster Curry of Lobsters Lobster Fricasseed How to Roast a Lobster Lobster Cutlets fried in batter Plain Lobster Cutlets East India Lobster Cutlets Lobster Balls Lobster Pie Minced Lobsters Lobster Soup Lobster Croquettes.

FRIED PASTRY: How to fry Pastry Raised Doughnuts Yeast Doughnuts Fine Doughnuts Plain Cheap Doughnuts Fried Crullers Fried Crackers Wonders Spanish Puffs Lemon Turnovers Snow Pancakes Batter Pancakes Rye Flour Pancakes Irish Pancakes Fruit Fritters Orange Fritters Batter Fritters of all Kinds Bread Fritters Croquettes of Rice Wafers Waffles Yeast Waffles Egg Waffles Nonesuch Yankee Marvels Fried Patty Paste Patties and Pies Bread Patties Gingerbread Cakes, Puffs, Puddings, etc Rich Gingerbread Cheap Gingerbread Gingercakes Gingerbread Loaf Honeycomb Gingerbread Cocoanut or Almond Gingerbread Orange Gingerbread Gingerbread Nuts Sugar Ginger Crisps Molasses Ginger Crisps Fruit Ginger Cakes Soft Ginger Cake Spice Ginger Cake Ginger Puffs Ginger Pudding Mrs. FANCY DISHES FOR DESSERT: Custard with Jelly Tipsy Cake A Cake Trifle Rice and Pears Orange Sponge Apple Snow Apple De Par Apple Hedgehog Gooseberry Fool Gateau de Pommes Iced Fruits for Dessert Stewed Fruit, a Compote Stewed Plums Stewed Pears. PRESERVES - JAMS, JELLIES, MARMALADE: The Fruit The Sugar The Preserving Kettles The Proportion of Fruit and Sugar How to Keep Preserves good Damson Cheese Green Gooseberry Jam Green Gooseberry Jelly Strawberry Jam Streawberry Jelly How to Preserve Plums Rhubarb Marmalade Rhubarb and Orange Preserves Peach Preserves without Boiling Fruit Preserved without Cooking Fruit Jam Fruit Ginger.

PICKLING VEGETABLES AND FRUIT: The Vinegar The Vegetables and the Fruit Cooking Utensils to use in Pickling The Bottles, Jars or Vessels From July to October Indian Pickle, to keep ten years East India Piccalilly How to Pickle any Vegetables How to Pickle Plums like Olives How to Pickle Peaches Sweet Green Tomato Piccalilly How to Pickle Whole Tomatoes How to Pickle Beets How to Pickle Cauliflowers How to Pickle Onions How to Pickle Peppers How to Pickle Barberries How to Pickle Cabbage. MANIOCA: Manioca Pudding Manioca Apple Pudding Manioca Blanc Mange Caudle for Invalids Manioca Soups. JELLY ICE CREAMS: Jelly Ice Creanms Light Jelly Ice Creams How to Improve Creams Gold Jelly Cream Silver Jelly Cream Gold and Silver Creams Tapioca Jelly Cream Manioca Jelly Cream Cassava Jelly Cream Arrow Root Jelly Cream Sago Jelly Cream Rice Jelly Ice Cream Farina Jelly Ice Cream Maizena Jelly Ice Cream Corn Starch Jelly Cream Calves' Feet Jelly Ice Cream Cocoanut Jelly Ice Cream Grape Jelly Ice Cream Banana Jelly Ice Cream Wine Jelly Ice Cream, for Invalids Very Cheap Jelly Ice Cream Irish Moss Jelly Ice Cream. RICH ICE CREAMS: Chocolate Cream Coffee Cream Tea Cream Velvet Cream Ratafia Cream Bohemian Cream Chester Cream Spanish Cream Burnt Cream Imperial Cream Pistachio Cream Noyeau Cream Spring Cream German Cream Almond Cream Sicilian Cream Snow Cream Housewife's Cream. APPLES: How to Choose Apples How to Keep Apples How to Save Specked Apples Apple Dumplings Boiled Apple Dumplings Baked Apple Custard Pies Dried Apple Pies Dried Apple Sauce Sadie's Apple Fritters Apple and Crumb Pudding Italian Apple Marmalade Clear Apple Jelly Chinese Apple Ginger Ida's Apple Jelly Apple Mould and Cream French Apple Meringue Apple Mince Meat Apple and Almond Pudding Apple Sauce French Apple Souffle Apple Tart and Custard Apples for Dessert Grace's Apple Trifle Apple Suet Pudding French Apple Pudding Green Apple Pie.

THE SICK ROOM - HINTS FOR ATTENDANTS IN THE SICK ROOM: Tea Toast How to make Gruel Beef Tea Toast Water Flax Seed Tea Barley Coffee Oat Meal Coffee Egg Brandy Milk Punch Egg Nog Sage Tea Rice Water Refreshing Drinks in Fevers Fruit Drinks for Invalids Water Gruel Rice Gruel Cooling Drink for Fevers Quince Wine Gum Arabic Mixture Panada Sago Gruel Mucilage of Elm Bark Tapioca Jelly Irish Moss Jelly Arrow Root Gruel Milk Porridge Isinglass Jelly Apple Water Boiled Flour Vegetable Soup Mutton Tea Mutton Broth Chicken Broth Rennet Whey Vinegar Whey Alum Whey Mustard Whey Calves' Feet Jelly Orange Whey Sweet Whey Wine Whey Sippets Chicken Panada French Milk Porridge. HOUSEHOLD REMEDIES: Mosquito Ointments Diarrhea Mixture Tooth Powder Remedy for Burns Laite de Poule Eau Sedatif Camphor Lard To Stop Bleeding of the Nose Advice in Cases of Poisoning. RECIPES FOR SOUPS FROM STOCK: Beef Soup with Vegetables Julienne Soup Mullagatawny Soup Sago and Tomato Soup Asparagus Soup Sorrel Soup, French Leek Soup, Scotch Puree of Carrots, French Macaroni Soup Vermicelli soupm White Soup with Almonds. SOUPS NOT MADE FROM STOCK: Venison Soup Plain Chicken Soup Ox Tail Soup Mock Turtle Soup Oyster Soup French Oyster Soup Clam Soup Clam Soup No.

2 Nantucket Soup Noodles, plain Noodles, to serve boiled Noodle Soup Beef or Veal Soup Eel Soup Lobster Soup Crab Soup Green Turtle Soup Beef Kidney Soup Veal Soup with Macaroni Cream Soup Bouillon for Luncheons Green Pea Soup Dried Split Pea Soup Potato Soup Summer Tomato Soup Winter Tomato Soup Turtle Bean Soup No. 1 Turtle Bean Soup, No.

2 How to Brown Flour for Soups and Gravies Forcemeat Balls for Soup Another Recipe for Forcemeat Balls Croutons or Bread Dice for Soups Egg Balls for Soups. FISH: How to Select Fish Baked Fish How to Bake Fish with Wine How to Boil Fish How to Broil Fish How to Fry Fish How to Stew Fish, or Fish en Matelote How to Boil Salt Codfish Salt Cod with Cream Spiced Fish Potted Fish Fish Chowder Fish Au Gratin Fish a la Crème Broiled Fresh Mackerel Broiled Salt Mackerel Halibut Steak Stewed Sturgeon Sturgeon Steak Baked Sturgeon Baked Haddock Turbot Bread Stuffing for Fish Meat Stuffing for Fish. SHELL FISH: Oyster or Clam Fritters Oysters for Pies or Patties Oyster Omelet Oysters and Macaroni Oysters Vol-au-vent Oysters and Tripes Oysters and Chestnuts. CLAMS: Clams Cooked with Cream Clam Chowder No. CRABS, LOBSTERS AND FROGS: Soft Shell Crabs Crabs a la Russe Devilled Crabs Lobster Patties A White Fricassee of Frogs Frogs Fried.

TERRAPINS, TURTLES AND TORTOISES: Terrapins Turtle or Tortoise, How to Roast. POULTRY: Roast Turkey Stuffing for Roast Turkeys, Chickens and Geese Chestnut Stuffing Oyster Stuffing Boiled Turkey Turkey Galantine or Boned Turkey A Simple Way of Preparing Boned Turkey or Chicken.

CHICKENS: Spring Chickens, how to improve Spring Chickens Baked Broiled Chicken Roasted and Boiled Chickens Fricasseed Chickens Chicken Croquettes. DUCKS, GEESE AND GAME BIRDS: Roast Ducks Wild Ducks Stewed Duck Roast Goose Goose Stuffing Pigeons Stewed in Broth Roast Pigeon Broiled Pigeon Prairie Chicken or Grouse, or Partridge Quails Parboiled and Baked Quails Roasted Bread Sauce for Game Scollops of Qualis with Truffles Snipe and Woodcock Fried Plovers. VENISON: Roast Saddle of Venison Broiled Venison Steak Stewed Venison. RABBITS: Baked Rabbits Stewed Rabbits or Hasenpfeffer. MEATS: Roast Beef Beef a la Mode To Broil a Beefsteak Another Method of Broiling Beefsteak Beefsteak Smothered in Onions Beefsteaks for Extra Company Beef Roll Beef Croquettes.

VEAL: Roast of Veal, the Fillet Fricatelle Veal Cutlets Broiled Sweetbreads, How to Prepare Fried Sweetbreads Sweetbreads with Tomatoes Vol-au-vent of Sweetbreads and Oysters Fourchette Pork and Liver Brochette. MUTTON: Boiled Leg of Mutton Stuffed Leg of Mutton Mutton Cutlets Mutton Stew English Mutton Stew Irish Stew Mutton Haricot. LAMB: Lamb Chops a la Royal Lamb Croquettes.

SAUCES FOR MEATS: Roux or Drawn Butter Sauce Caper Sauce Pickle Sauce Boiled Egg Sauce Anchovy Sauce Shrimp Sauce Sauce Hollandaise or Dutch Sauce Mushroom Sauce Sauce Aux Fines Herbes Bechamel Sauce A Simple Brown Sauce, Sauce Espagnol Sauce Poivrade Sauce Piquante Noodle Sauce Chili Sauce Tomato Catsup. VEGETABLES: Lyonnaise Potatoes Potatoes a la Neige Saratoga Potatoes Baked Tomatoes Asparagus on Toast Oyster Plants Stewed Cauliflower with White Sauce Spinach Beets Artichokes How to Cook Cranberries. OMELETS: Omelets with Mushrooms Omelets with Shrimps Omelets with Oysters Sweet Omelet for Dessert Omelet with Rum Omelet Souffle. SALADS: Mayonnaise Sauce Red Mayonnaise Sauce French Dressing.

COMBINATIONS: Lettuce (French Cook) Potato Salad Cold Slaw Salad of Vegetables Mayonnaise of Cauliflower Tomatoes a la Mayonnaise String Beans in Salad Chicken Salad Mayonnaise of Salmon Salad a la Filley Shrimp Salad Potato Salad Salad Dressing Lobster Salad with Cream Dressing. ETC: Plum Pudding with Rum or Brandy German Sauce for Plum Pudding Roly Poly Pudding Broiled Suet Pudding Eve's Pudding Cottage Pudding Jinks Pudding Albany Pudding Tapioca Cream Pudding Snow Pudding Minute Pudding Plum Pudding Transparent Pudding Bread Pudding Cabinet Pudding Queen of Puddings Easy Dessert Snow Pudding Soft Custard Lemon Pie Lemon Pies Vol au Vent Crust Blanc Mange of Corn Starch Blanc Mange of Arrow Root Floating Island Charlotte Russe Bavarian Cream Bavarian Cream with Chocolate Bavarian Cream with Strawberries. SAUCES FOR PUDDINGS: Fairy Butter Wine Sauce Almond Sauce Lemon Sauce. CAKES FOR BREAKFAST, DESSERT AND TEA: Green Corn Fritters Quick Muffins Sally Lunns German Puffs Pop Overs for Breakfast Coffee Cake Spice Cake Marble Cake Silver Cake Gold Cake Loaf Cake Cup Cake Stirred Cake Lemon Cake Tip Top Cake Fruit Cake Almond Cake Walnut Cake Nut Cake Cocoanut Cake Pound Cake Winchester Biscuit Soft Ginger Bread Tea Cake Strawberry Dumplings Strawberry Short Cake Little Plum Cakes Pednuns Ricka's Drop Cakes Snow Balls Cookies Hard Fried Cakes Fried Cakes Fried Doughnuts French Fried Cakes Chocolate Eclairs Cocoanut Drops Maccaroons Lemon Snaps Seed Cookies Boston Cream Cakes Cream for the Filling Almond Snaps Cinnamon Snaps Ice Cream Cake Frosting to Put Between Layers Delicate Cake White Cake White Sponge Cake Angel's Food Mother's Sponge Cake Chocolate Cake Mixture for the filling Dolly Varden Cake Minnehaha Cake Roll Jelly Cake Jelly Cake Layer Cake Cream Cake Sponge Lemon Layer Cake Chocolate Cake Cocoanut Cake Chocolate Frosting for Cake Sugar Frosting for Cake Egg Frosting for Cake Cocoanut Frosting for Cakes. FANCY BEVERAGES: Punch Brandy Punchy Mississippi Punch Hot Brandy Rum Punch Irish Whiskey Punch Whiskey Punch Gin Punch Sherry Punch Claret Punch Port Wine Punch Pine-Apple Punch Curacoa Punch Roman Punch Milk Punch Hot Milk Punch Regent's Punchy Imperial Punch Rocky Mountain Punch Tip Top Punch Royal Punch Gothic Punch Audubon Club Punch Egg Nog Recipes Sherry Egg Nog Mint Julep Brandy Smash Sherry Cobbler Champagne Cobbler Whiskey Cobbler Brandy Cocktail Mulled Wine with Eggs Port Wine Sangaree Egg Flip Crimean Cup, a la Marmora Tom and Jerry.

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  • Year Printed: 1890
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Topic: Basic, General Cooking
  • Binding: Fine Binding
  • Region: North America
  • Subject: Cooking
  • Original/Facsimile: Original
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Eugene Freiderich
  • Place of Publication: Ogden Utah

1890 ANTIQUE COOKBOOK Vintage Cookery VICTORIAN RECIPES Pastry Confectionery OLD